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PUBG creator laments insane amounts of hate developers get

Published: 10:11, 23 July 2019
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At this year's Gamelab, creator of PUBG Brendan Greene gave an interview to Vlambeer's Rami Ismail, where they discussed the 'crazy' amount of hate and abuse that developers get. Be advised, you will read some disturbing messages here.

As reported by GamesIndustry, Greene is aware and doesn't mind that everyone likes to have their own opinion, but he's been often taken aback with just how they express it. 

"I've been told they hope my daughter gets raped, that they hope I burn to death and die slowly. This is from public Facebook profiles, with their picture there... There's some guy who wants to be a web developer and he has a design business, and he's calling me a faggot on Twitter", he said.

Greene said he does not understand why people do this, or why they think it's okay, but it led to him tightening up the security on his social profiles, so as to ensure no personal details can be found.

Ismail, whose feather rustling happens to be one of yours truly's favourite Twitter features, mentioned that he once got a photo of his front door sent via an anonymous SMS, which honestly sounds like something out of a horror movie.

Greene said that what really kills him are the situations like when they were designing PUBG's map Erangel, and someone leaked the internal test map that had a lot more compounds on it.

"The internet went wild. 'You've ruined Erangel! You've no idea what you're doing! You're fucking terrible designers!'", Greene said, saying that the design team really took it to heart.

"They really took it to heart, and that kills me", likening the situation to what some of his friends on the DayZ dev team face on a constant basis. "They work their heart out on the game, and then just get hit in the nuts constantly", he said.

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PUBG, Season 4

Being accused of just being lazy is yet another common occurrence for PUBG's dev team, but Greene insists nothing could be further from the truth. 

His game's global appeal definitely didn't help, as his initial expectation of 1 million copies sold has been quintupled by Bluehole, a figure which was beaten in mere weeks, leaving an insane amount of work for a 35 man team.

Learn more about PUBG's or head over to GamesIndustry for the .

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