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PUBG creator announces a new game called Prologue

Published: 21:04, 03 September 2021
picture showing PUBG creator Brendan Greene
Brendan Greene aka PlayerUnknown

Brendan Green recently split from Krafton and now he announced the ambitions of his new team, including Prologue, which is an introduction to their efforts.

Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene is the man behind the battle royale mod for Arma 3, so he is essentially the single person that kicked off the genre. Subsequently, he helped develop PUBG, hence the full name - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds , which then popularised the genre. We all know the BR craze that came after PUBG's burst in popularity, including Fortnite, a game that may have been dead by now if not for the introduction of battle royale.

Anyway, the man has been through development with Bluehole, PUBG Corp and eventually Krafton, until he left in late August 2021. The details of the split were not entirely public but Greene took to Twitter to announce the future of his team and their vision.

It seems to revolve around creating open worlds of unprecedented size, which would be possible through machine learning, something the team was researching extensively. While there is no full game in sight just yet, Greene announced a type of tech demo, called Prologue.

Just like the name suggests, it is supposed to introduce the fans to what they can expect in the future but a few hints have been dropped already. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on exploration without the game holding your hand and there are also rumours of blockchain implementation.

The latter may not sit well with everyone but only time will tell whether this approach will be good for PlayerUnknown's vision.

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