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PUBG 2 will be grounded in realism, not futuristic as rumoured before

Published: 08:26, 23 April 2021
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According to PUBG leaker PlayerIGN, PUBG 2 will still be a battle-royale title. Apparently, Krafton are aiming for a realistic experience, not futuristic shooter as some rumours suggested.

Rumour has it Krafton are working on two new PUBG games since early last year. One of these projects is reportedly a full-fledged PUBG sequel, which is yet to be officially revealed by Krafton. However, thanks to PUBG insider PlayerIGN, we have a couple of new details about the setting and development team behind the game.

 that according to his sources, Krafton are indeed making PUBG 2, which, as expected, will be another battle royale title. Additionally, the game will be grounded in realism and not futuristic as some rumours suggested earlier. 

The development team behind the project is made of new developers, including staff that worked on other battle royale games, that joined the existing PUBG team. Krafton did not form a brand new team for the game. 

"Insider sources tell me: Krafton is making PUBG 2; a Battle Royale game grounded in realism, and not futuristic. New developers, including those who worked on other BRs are/were recruited onto the existing PUBG team, they're not forming a new one."

At the moment, it is not clear when exactly Krafton plan to announce the game but it seems that it's still early in development and if the devs are indeed planning to bring a massive upgrade over the original, then it's safe to say that it will take a while before we get an official trailer or a release date.

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