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PUBG Corp kick off PUBG Global Invitational with a free skin

Published: 21:57, 25 July 2018
PUBG Corp's new PGI flavoured skin called The Sporty Set
PUBG, The Sporty Set skin

PUBG's esports tournament, the PUBG Global Invitational, has kicked off today in the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany, where 20 teams will be competing for the saucy $2 million prize pool. PUBG Corp is celebrating with a skin. Sigh.

Not that the skin is lousy or anything like that, quite the contrary - The Sporty Set seems to be an interesting blend of jockey pants, or at least I think they are, and a tank top. The set is one of four PGI 2018 exclusive commemorative skins, which of course means they can't be traded, sold or acquired elsewhere.

Firstly though, even if you're not following the PGI on Twitch, you should know that PUBG Corp are updating their twitter regularly with standings and other information. You can actually watch it on twitter as well, but I digress.

PGI's second round has finished 40 minutes ago, at the time of writing, with the leaderboard slowly starting to take shape. As you can see, the Chinese outfit Oh My God has managed to take first place, while Korean Gen. G. Black is second. You may actually know Oh My God from their League of Legends teams, since that's actually the organisation's main game.

Note that to get The Sporty Set, you need to log in before 30 July 2018 and it's yours. Having said that, every time PUBG Corp announce a new skin, I immediately start translating this into man hours that could've been invested in PUBG.

I'm not trying to be mean either, because I'm actually frustrated over a great game being mismanaged into oblivion. And that is exactly what is going on at the moment, although I do not understand why. Heck, PUBG still has enviable numbers on a good day and can even turn everything around. Fortnite being in front needn't be viewed as an obstacle - Epic's pockets clearing more risky paths can actually be a good thing.

Nevertheless, remember when PUBG was on top of the world and Fortnite was a newcomer to Greene's battle royale genre? Well, Fortnite is raking in now, which is coincidentally the PGI's entire prize pool. So how about a skin then?


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