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PUBG is going to have an upgrade system for cosmetics

Published: 13:41, 03 May 2018
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG Corp are making PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds progressively better in a "slow but steady" fashion. Test server was recently updated with a cosmetic upgrade system that will let players trade their duplicates in for a higher tier item.

There is a new system on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PTR that allows players to convert 10 cosmetic items of same rarity into one item of higher rarity. For example, players can take 10 common items, regardless of which body part they fit, and convert them to a single item of special rarity.

Trade up system seems to be in early development as the UI is pretty basic and there are evidently missing pieces. If a player trades 10 special items in for one rare item, the background doesn't indicate correct rarity even though the conversion itself isn't bugged.

Many players may be jumping at conclusions now by assuming they can buy a bunch of common items and convert them all the way up to the top. This is not entirely wrong, but exponential growth is no joke. In order to get one item with red denomination from trading grey items in, players would need to trade one million grey items. 

The cheapest items on Steam's community market right now are going at the rate of £0,037 or $0,05 so players would need to purchase £37.000 or $50.000 worth of grey items in order to get a red one. Now, these trade in amounts are not final, as the system is still in the works but exponential growth will always be there.

Each time players use the trade up feature, they will also need to pay a fee in Battle Points. Upgrading 10 common items will cost 300 BP, upgrading classic ones will lighten your virtual wallet for 500BP and upgrading special ones will set you back 1000 BP. There are currently no higher tiers for cosmetic upgrades.

PUBG Corp Promotional image for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds showing a bunch of players in different outfits. PUBG

site already shared this info and already made the video linked above, so you can preview the early version of the feature.

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