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PUBG's anti-cheat plans for 2020 - two factor authentication is coming

Published: 08:35, 21 April 2020
PUBG Corporation
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Looks like PUBG's 2020 will be filled with more anti-cheat efforts with improved preventative measures and more reliable bans. The game will also get some performance and stability improvements.

Taeseok Jang, Executive Producer of PUBG PC has shared a post detailing their plans for anti-cheat measures and performance plans for 2020 on the game's website. The anti-cheat measures have been given in as much detail so they will be understandable to the general public but they don't give anything away to the potential cheaters.

Countermeasures for Hacking and Cheat Programs

As never-ending the fight against cheat programs is, PUBG's dev team has spent time last year working on various measures to block cheat programs.

A majority of these had their focus on blocking cheat program developers to make it more difficult for them to create these cheats. These measures benefit from staying far from the public's eye for obvious reasons but 2020 will be the year when the devs make improvements that will have a more apparent impact - said Jang in his post.

Enhanced Preemptive Measures

Two-factor Authentication System

PUBG is getting an SMS authentication and a secondary authentication system using a one-time password. This will be heavily enforced in ranked games as it will help level the playing field.

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Improve hack vulnerabilities in code

The following measures will be taken to prevent manipulation to weapons, vehicles, and character movement:

  • Weapons
    • Reinforce server authentication related to the gun’s firing angle, recoil, ballistic trajectory, etc.
    • Analyze and overcome the vulnerabilities of client logic related to aiming.
  • Vehicles
    • Reinforce server authentication related to the vehicle’s speed, moving angle, the period it can remain in the air, etc. 
    • This will not only ban accounts that are detected, but will also deter cheating tools in real-time, kick cheaters out of the match, and issue instant bans.
  • Character Movement
    • Reinforce server authentication related to a character’s movement speed, the time they remain in the air, etc.

Read more about the incoming enhanced cheat detection and bans, as well as the performance and stability improvements on the PUBG website.

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