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PUBG adds new pump-action shotgun to Care Packages

Published: 14:59, 18 September 2019
PUBG artwork showing a new shotgun
PUBG's new shotgun packs some serious firepower

New PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update is now live on test servers and it introduces a progression system named Survival Mastery and a brand new weapon -DBS double-barrel pump-action shotgun - which can be obtained from Care Packages.

The latest PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update has arrived to test server and it packs a lot of new features including a brand new weapon and progression system among other things. The developers detailed all the changes that should arrive to PC live servers sometime next week.

A new shotgun, which can be obtained only from Care Packages is certainly one of the highlights of the update. The DBS is a double-barrel pump-action shotgun that has two internal magazine tubes to allow the players to load up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds. Thanks to these combined firing mechanics, the shotgun can deal insane amounts of damage in a short time span so make sure to stay away from its line of fire if you're not the lucky owner.

Upper rail of the gun allows several attachments including a Holographic, Red Dot Sight and 2x to 6x scopes. The maximum effective range of the weapon is 100 m so it's not specifically made for close quarters only - it can also serve as a solid mid-range weapon.

The second highlight of the new update is the new Survival Mastery system, which allows players to develop their non-lethal aspects of PUBG gameplay. Survival Mastery is a progression system where players increase levels by gaining experience points based on the players' survival patterns. The level cap for Survival Mastery is 500 and players can earn XP by looting, using items during combat and reviving a teammate.

Players will get to track their actions performed in matches via the match summary timeline and there's also a Survival tab that shows survival playstyle from the analysis of all players' data.

Bluehole picture showing players wearing backpacks in PUBG game The update should arrive to live servers next week

The update also brings a lot of bug fixes and changes to Zombie Mode and you can read more about this in .

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