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PUBG's latest update brings map selection, a rifle and a new car

Published: 17:44, 26 April 2018
Screenshot of the Mirado, a new car for Miramar map in PUBG.
PUBG - Mirado

PUBG Corp and Bluehole have released patch notes for the update that snuck up to players last night without any highlights. The changes to PUBG include a new vehicle for Miramar map, a new rifle and the previously announced weapon rebalance

Map selection was a feature players were craving ever since Miramar became the dreaded map that players were fed up with since day one. It has finally arrived, after being one week prior. Players can now click the check boxes next to Miramar and Erangel maps to indicate which ones they want to play on. If both maps are chosen, players will be queued up randomly between the two maps.

Considering Miramar's reputation, PUBG Corp have likely anticipated it would soon be deserted, pun sort of intended, and it's possible that the new vehicle addition is here to draw more players to it. The Mirado is described as a "classic four-seat muscle car" that will bridge the gap between the van and pickup, by taking the highway speeder niche for itself.

Weapon attachments that were are also arriving with this update. There are also light grip, thumb grip and half grip on top of duckbill and scopes described in the leak article. These grips will manipulate the weapons' horizontal and vertical recoil patterns, as well as recoil recovery time.

All of the grips can be attached to SCAR-L, M416, AUG, UMP9 and SKS and half grip can also be attached to Vector. The 3x scope will be available as a common world-drop item while the 6x scope will be a rare one, due to the fact it can be flipped between 3x and 6x magnification.

When it comes to weapon balance, sidearms received a damage boost across the board. M16, M416, SCAR-L and AUG are now unplayable as they received a massive nerf of 1 damage each. Jokes aside, SCAR-L, M16 and M416's reload times were nerfed by 30 per cent and all assault rifles were hit with higher recoil, except for the AKM.

Speaking of assault rifles, SLR or FN FAL has also jumped into the roster with this update. PUBG Corp are technically listing it as a DMR due to its low capacity of 10 rounds per magazine (20 when expanded) and high damage, standing just three damage points short of M14. That said, the big scopes (8x and higher) were restricted for assault rifles, so players will still be able to mount them on SLR.

Bluehole Showcase of the FN FAL or SLR which is the newest weapon addition to PUBG. PUBG - SLR

More details such as player movement and swimming update, as well as grenade changes can be found on PUBG's .

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