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PUBG might add more region specific servers in the future

Published: 16:19, 26 March 2018
PUBG desert digital m416 and gold plated SKS skins.
PUBG new weapon skins

PUBG Corp have announced they are considering reinforcing their ping based matchmaking by adding servers for PUBG that would work for specific regions, and would be invisible others. The announced update also brings weapon skins.

PUBG's ping based matchmaking system has been received with decisively positive results. PUBG Corp are now working further improving the system by adding servers that would be completely invisible to other regions. The only way around that would be adding a friend from another region to your group, they would then be able to see your server and vice versa.

This solution would bring further network stability and eliminate a performance issue here and there. More importantly, it is one step closer to creating a barrier that would indulge players who a certain part of the player base in their games, while also not creating an insult for the party that was locked out. I don't usually hold Bluehole or PUBG corp in high regard due to neglecting players' feedback for so long but it definitely looks like they're working hard on finding a way out of this sticky situation.

These updates are in testing at the moment, and once they're proven to be stable, they will be deployed to live servers as well. Meanwhile, Korean and Japanese servers have been separated and Koreans will no longer see Japanese servers and vice versa, unless they party up with each other. They also have separate leaderboards now.

Bluehole Weapon skins menu from PUBG showing a player's skin loadout. PUBG Weapon Skins tab

The weapon skins system that was promised in the beginning of the month has also arrived. There is now a weapon skin menu, seen in the picture above and weapons can be categorised based on the order of acquisition or the last time a weapon was equipped in order to get better clarity.

These skins will be acquired through crates, either a paid Triumph Crate or a free, non-random Raider Crate. Triumph Crate has a 20 per cent drop chance and apparently has the same skin as Raider Crate. On the other hand, you can unlock them on top of each other for maximised chances of getting a desired skins. You can also invest more money to maximise your chances at a slot machine.

New weapon skins for Kriss Vector and AKM in PUBG. PUBG - Another batch of weapon skins

There are also more bug fixes, including the one where refresh button the friends list as taking you to the team tab. You will also not be able to position your vehicle next to a building window and jump through it anymore. On the bright side, you cannot run yourself over anymore by exiting a slow moving vehicle.

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