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PUBG 7.3 patch will bring C4 and vehicles durability

Published: 18:23, 08 June 2020
PUBG - Vehicle damage multiplier breakdown
PUBG - Vehicle damage multiplier breakdown

PUBG has had a rough patch 7.2 but thankfully the patch 7.3 will not be adding any more bots. At least as far as the notes are concerned, since they focused on other things like vehicle durability changes and C4, the new throwable.

Players should feel a bit safer inside vehicles now since mere bullets can't explode them instantly. Even the health gets depleted, the vehicle will not explode immediately. Instead, they will be set on fire and the engine will die, causing it to stop and then eventually explode after five seconds.

There are other ways to blow them up instantly though. Explosive effects of the likes of red zones and C4 will blow up a car but these have highly distinctive warnings and players can work around them.

Furthermore, the vehicles will get different collision damage multipliers, depending on where they are hit. Engine bay impacts will deal the same damage as before while roof will take only half the damage and the rest of the body will take 75 per cent of it.

The aforementioned C4 is a new throwable that will be able to explode cars and anything else in a huge radius immediately. This explosive damages players even behind cover, provided they are in the 25-metre radius.

C4 will stick to many surfaces, including walls and vehicles. The latter is a great way to get rid of a car but tagging a moving vehicle will be tricky due to the short throw range.

Unlike C4 explosives in most games, the one in PUBG will not be triggered at will. It has a 16-second timer and will not explode before or after, no matter what.

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Players in the effective explosion radius will hear the beeps and will be able to see a blinking light telling them to get out of Dodge. It should make a decent tool in the later stages of a match where every valuable spot in the circle can be denied.

These changes will go to test servers on June 10, 2020, while the live servers will get them exactly one week later, on 17th.

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