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PUBG 5.2 update adds Spike Traps, makes Vikendi friendlier to snipers

Published: 17:00, 20 November 2019
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PUBG Corp are introducing several changes with PUBG's 5.2 update, the first of which will help you trap your motorized prey - Spike Traps. They also tweaked Vikendi to make it a sniper's heaven and added PUBG Labs, new testing grounds.

We're fairly certain we know what you're thinking - a single PUBG player and a Spike Trap can ruin many a day. No need to worry though, as the traps only affect singular vehicles, rather than acting as persistent items. 

As you can see from the PUBG 5.2 update trailer, there are a few creative ways to employ the trap that won't even require a firefight between you and your spinning-out-of-control opponent. So, yeah, you may want to pay attention while driving in PUBG from now on.

"Vikendi has gotten a number of improvements and changes to further develop the snowy island as a sniper's playground", PUBG Corp said about Vikendi tweaks. 

Many of the map's windows have been reduced in size, so as to make for more defensible sniping positions, but PUBG Corp also improved a few sightlines in small cities by removing debris and other things blocking your shots. 

Some trees and other obstacles have been removed to provide for better manoeuvrability with vehicles too. In practice, PUBG's snowy map should reward mobility and a good, solid aim. 

PUBG 5.2 update's last addition is a feature called PUBG Labs, which is a testing grounds of sorts, but it's not intended to replace the Test Server. 

PUBG Corp Snowmobile, PUBG's newly added Vikendi vehicle PUBG, Vikendi's snowmobile

One of the first features PUBG Corp will be trying out are Skill-Based Ratings, which will be an opt-in feature because "sometimes you want to goof around with friends or just not have to feel the pressure of performing and sweating out a victory."

You can learn more on PUBG Labs in .

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