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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds receives a roadmap for 2018

Published: 21:18, 08 March 2018
A picture of a PUBG character and ''PUBG ROADMAP 2018'' is written in white letters over it.
PUBG 2018 Roadmap

Players have been asking about PUBG's next roadmap for months now and Brendan Greene has finally answered. The roadmap for the entire year has been laid out for the game. Apparently they will also add a SCAR-H to the game.

Ever since PUBG came out of Early Access players have been asking for PUBG Corp to fix the game in various ways, ranging from hackers over optimisation to adding new content. The worst part the players had to deal with was  silence from the game's developers who used to update them on the state of the game on a weekly basis.

Today's announcement of the roadmap was a welcome change of pace. As Greene said in the post, they have laid out a strong foundation for the game over the past two years and now they're looking to build upon it and polish the game. One of the changes will be more communication with players, although not through weekly roadmaps like before, but via the Experimental Test Server.

PUBG Corp Screenshot of the new jungle map for PUBG, apparently set in Asia. PUBG - New map appears to have rice fields in the middle of it.

PUBG Corp will add a lot of new content, starting with a new map that's coming next month. It will be set in a jungle, with an Asian setting in mind. It will be deployed to Experimental Test Server first and once it's out of the debugging phase, it will be available on the live servers. On top of that, various aesthetics on  already existing assets will be updates.

An emote system is coming to the test server as well, so expect new ways to taunt enemies and new emotes in the shop soon. New game modes are far from done and they may or may not come during 2018. What will come during the year though, is something fans wanted for a while now. Additional weapons will be coming during the year and Greene teased one of them with a partial picture.

PUBG Corp Partial image teasing an upcoming gun for PUBG. PUBG - The new gun is either SCAR-H or CZ BREN chambered in 7,62x39

There are other changes mentioned, that were mentioned before, such as squad voice chat in the main menu, achievements, a penetration system and friend lists. More features are planned for 2018 but it's too early to talk about some of them. You can read in detail about the roadmap on PUBG's .

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