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PlayStation 4 getting exclusive Fortnite Celebration Pack

Published: 19:11, 12 September 2018
Fortnite's new PS Plus exclusive free bundle Celebration Pack
Fortnite, Celebration Pack

If there's one thing that helps take your mind off of Phony holding you hostage for own corporate interests, it's probably free stuff and Epic have got that covered, revealing Fortnite's new and exclusive PS Plus Celebration Pack bundle.

Fortnite's Celebration Pack comes with three items - flappy glider, controller pickaxe and skydiving trail. As usual, all the bundled items are purely cosmetic, meaning they don't impact actual gameplay. Well, that's unless salt extraction is your gameplay, in which case they do, just not yours.

As you can see, all three items feature PlayStation 4 colour schemes and details, just in case the naming scheme fails to provide enough of a hint. Plenty of black and blue interspersed with occasional splashes of white is likely to announce your console peasantness from the moment you leave Fortnite's bus.

Other than the evocative colour scheme though, the Celebration Pack seems relatively unremarkable. It seems like Epic merely touched up a few existing items and recoloured them to fit Sony's directives, which would normally be a shame considering the sort of creative punch that Fortnite's maker can dish out.

On the other hand, considering Sony's dictatorial conduct in Fortnite's Sony vs. Nintendosoft , it's way more than they deserve. Thankfully though, Epic continues to prioritise players over platforms so PS4 owners needn't fear any backlash. Phony would do well to take a leaf out of their book, if only for history's sake, although I'm well aware that chances of that are slimmer than any PS4 Slim.

Think about it though - enabling full Fortnite cross-play on PlayStation 4 while providing similar Xbox One and Switch bundles would finally move console wars from forums and comment sections to Fortnite's island. What better way to insult an Xbox One fanboy than flying PS4 colours over his dead corpse?

AltChar Collage of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Well, a man can dream. Until that time comes though, PS4 owners will simply have to continue what they've been doing so far - playing with themselves.

You can find Fortnite's Celebration Pack bundle on the .

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