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Sony looking into solutions for Fortnite cross-play blunder

Published: 17:02, 27 June 2018
Legolas and Gimly as hint to Sony and Nintendo rivalry
Sony and Nintendo

Sony America CEO and president Mark Cerny was asked to comment on the company's Fortnite-Switch cross-play blunder. Speaking to Eurogamer on this year's Gamelab Conference in Spain he revealed that Sony is actually looking into this.

Cerny was obviously instructed he may be asked something along those lines, since he had prepared a "very short statement" in response. On the up side though, at least Sony are taking this seriously. 

The CEO said they're "hearing it" and "looking at a lot of possibilities". He quickly reminded that the Fortcumstances surrounding PlayStation 4 and Switch cross-play clearly affect more than just a single game. We'd wholeheartedly agree, as we're talking about corporate business practices.

"We are confident we'll get to a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business", Cerny concluded. Even though that may not say much, seasoned Sony-Nintendo boxing enthusiasts have got plenty to speculate off. 

PlayStation 4 maker's fix will most likely be to address the account migration issue only, without green lighting actual Fortnite cross-play between Sony and Nintendo. Even though regular companies would probably let Fortnite be their white dove, what with the game being more popular than sliced bread at his peak, these are no regular companies.

Furthermore, the statement is still a step up from Sony's earlier response, where they almost told everyone to mind their own business, no pun intended. With their PR department surely struggling to contain every rock their various former executives chuck at the company, the Fortnite-Switch drama ending badly is surely not in anyone's best interest.

Sony First version of Sony's PlayStation produced by Nintendo Nintendo PlayStation. No joke.

In case you've been living under a Wii U, the Nintendo and Sony rivalry is something like the Elven and Dwarven one, except it's real, hence our not so subtle input on the photo above. One does have to wonder though, how much longer do these companies plan on bashing each other every ? Not that it's not fun, but still.

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