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Project Cars 3 announced with explosive reveal trailer

Published: 19:17, 03 June 2020
Slightly Mad Studios
Project Cars 3 vehicle
Project Cars 3

Slightly Mad Studios have launched a reveal trailer for their upcoming high-octane racer Project Cars 3, and it looks every bit the part to cary the torch of its renowned predecessor.

"Get ready for Your Ultimate Driver Journey. Own, upgrade and customize hundreds of elite-brand road- and race-cars, personalize your racing hero, then race your way up from weekend warrior to racing legend in stunning global locations", the trailer description reads. 

Project Cars 3 launches in Summer 2020 and aims to deliver a familiar experience in a new package. Slightly Mad Studios are promising some revamps at the core of the game too, one of them being an attempt to make the game easier to pick up, while still retaining the interest of the more hard-core racing addicts. 

"While we’ve still got what we’re renowned for, which is that amazing sandbox and toy set of loads of different cars and loads of different tracks and loads of different weather conditions that you can combine in whatever way you see fit - we popped on top of that a whole metagame, and a whole career system to really support newcomers to the franchise", the game's production director Pete Morrish told Gamesradar. 

Project Cars 3's rebuilt career mode will take players on a trip through the 10 upgradeable car classes but it's not just geared for beginners. In fact, it aims to scale rewards in accordance with your skill, whether that's being good in one thing or just going for the jack of trades sort of deal. 

In Project Cars 3, Slightly Mad did away with the community events of old, replacing them with a multiplayer mode called Rivals. Players compete in daily and weekly challenges and are ranked on leaderboards that are split into divisions, rather in one a single large one. 

Project Cars 2 - a racing simulator by Slightly Mad Studio

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Project Cars 2

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