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Prison Architect: Mobile is now available but there's a catch

Published: 11:35, 25 May 2017
Updated: 16:00, 20 February 2019
Paradox Interactive
Prison Architect: Mobile

You can download Introversion's Prison Architect: Mobile from the Google Play Store and the App Store right now, for free. This mobile version of the BAFTA winning game is free to download but includes considerable in-app purchases.

Continuing with what seems to be the  of the , Prison Architect: Mobile is now available at the Google and the App Store for, you guessed it, zero moneys. Introversion Software's BAFTA winning game will cost you nothing to download, but "additional in-game features and content are available for purchase". More on that later.

Prison Architect: Mobile was developed by Introversion Software and Tag Games, and it lets you fill the role of the architect (ha-ha roll credits) and the manager of a prison. But that's no ordinary prison, oh no sir, I mean boss, it's a a maximum security prison. Your job will be, well everything and I mean everything "from laying out cell blocks and inmate facilities to managing staff pay and prisoner morale."

Paradox Interactive Prison Architect: Mobile Prison Architect: Mobile

Prison designs you get will feature "basic necessities" such as cells, canteens, guard rooms, and infrastructure. It's up to you to add the fun features like the solitary confinement, workout areas, and an execution chamber.

You need to be mindful of the fact that your prison needs to grow and operate at the optimum level. That takes into account the fact the inmates are not happy to be there, and it's your job to keep them inside the walls you designed. Everything should be fine as long as you are "avoiding budget shortfalls or violent riots."

Paradox Interactive Prison Architect: Mobile Prison Architect: Mobile

Here's the catch: you can download the game for free and get into the construction and the management of it all, but the zero money you paid so far for it won't get you past the game’s opening campaign chapter. As the press-release put it "more challenges and storylines [are] available in additional chapters via in-game purchase."

If you want to get your Bellick on, go to the  or to the .

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