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Pokemon regional championships to be held in Birmingham

Published: 13:48, 24 May 2017
Updated: 11:15, 02 June 2017
The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Sun and Moon

UK Games Expo 2017 will play host to Pokemon regional championships from 03 to 04 June. There will be no age cap and the players will compete in Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon regional championships will be held in Birmingham, as a part of a three day UK Games Expo 2017 at the NEC. The NEC is located at North Avenue in Marston Green, Birmingham.

Next week, fans will be given a chance to compete for cash, various prizes and most importantly, titles. Prestigious titles. The Games Expo 2017 will begin on Friday, 02 June and end on Sunday, 04 June. This tournament is a part of a larger schedule of tournaments that take place around the world, and are called the Pokemon Championship Series.

The Pokemon Company Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Sun and Moon

Children of all ages are welcome as the event does not have an upper age limit. If you choose to enter, you'll have to pick between competing in the Trading Card Game or in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

The prestigious titles I talked about previously range from regional to World titles. Cash prizes and Championship Points are also up for grabs. Keep an eye out for those Championship Points as they can grant players Travel Awards to each of the Pokemon International Championships and the annual Pokemon World Championships.

The Pokemon Company Pokemon TCG Pokemon TCG

The regional contest will go down in the Pokemon Tournament Area in Hall 3a of the NEC, on Saturday, 03 June, and Sunday, 04 June.

Even though the event has no upper age limit, it is open to the players who are "in good standing" when Pokemon games are concerned. No qualifications will be held and the contest will be split into junior, senior and masters division.

  • Junior Division: Born in 2006 or later
  • Senior Division: Born in, 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005
  • Masters Division: Born in 2001 or earlier


If you choose to compete in the video game category, you'll have to have your own system and the game handy. For the TCG, however, you'll need your own 60 card decks.

The Pokemon Company Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Sun and Moon

Next, to win a Regional, players must compete in a series of matches in their chosen area (Trading Card Game or Video Game). The structure follows a , followed by a series of elimination rounds. Then, if you win, you go International and World tournaments.

There will be six winners total. That means all divisions (Junior, Senior and Master) and both TCG and VG contests will have one winner each. You can register  or at 8 AM on Saturday at the Expo. At the time of writing, "Only 365 tickets" were available, so you might want to hurry.

Update: Tune in tomorrow via the Pokemon Video Game , and the Pokemon Trading Card Game .

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