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Pokemon GO has a new legendary on the way and it's not Rayquaza

Published: 10:19, 05 February 2018
Updated: 08:56, 08 February 2018
EX Raid logo: Mewtwo standing next to a Pokemon GO logo
Pokemon GO - Mewtwo

Pokemon GO's dataminers have dug up a couple of hidden changes that should be coming in a future update. The most prominent of all is the addition of a new legendary Pokemon - Deoxys.

Niantic teamed up with Escher Reality and added some new threads for your avatar in Pokemon GO. After getting a total of to run around with, we have news of a fresh legendary that's about to join the pack. 

You see, dataminers have recently dug up a couple of lines of code that suggest Deoxys will be added as the next legendary. This may come as a surprise to everyone who theorised that the next legendary Pokemon will be Rayquaza. The problem is that Deoxys can change his form in a number of ways that have not been allowed in the game. .

Niantic A drawing of Deoxys Pokemon Pokemon GO - Deoxys

What we do know quite a few things about, however, are the Raid rewards and their individual uses. After defeating a raid boss, each player is awarded with:

  • 500 Stardust,
  • experience
  • an assortment items of which some are common and some are exclusive to raids.

Stardust rewards are fixed and you get them even if you lose the raid. 

The experience rewards look like this:

  • Level 1    3,000 XP
  • Level 2    3,500 XP
  • Level 3    4,000 XP
  • Level 4    5,000 XP
  • Level 5    10,000 XP

Niantic New monsters from the Hoenn region in Pokemon GO Pokemon GO

The raid reward items include:

  • Premier Ball - These pokeballs are used to catch a pokemon after defeating it in the raid battle. They are usable during the catch phase and do not carry over into subsequent raids.
  • Revive - Revives a fainted pokemon with half of its max CP.
  • Super Potion - Restores 50 HP.
  • Hyper Potion - Restores 200 HP.
  • Golden Razz Berry - Is only obtainable via raidsand it greatly increases your chances of catching a wild pokemon. The Golden Razz Berry can also be fed to a pokemon in a gym, in order to fully replenish its motivation.
  • Rare Candy - When used on a pokemon, turns into one candy for that pokemon.
  • Fast TM - Re-rolls the fast (quick) move of a pokemon.
  • Charged TM - Re-rolls the charged move of a pokemon.

Niantic New water type Pokemon in Pokemon GO Pokemon GO - fresh water-type Pokemon

You can find the list of upcoming changes in .

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon GO - Castform
Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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