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Pokemon GO's in-game maps updated

Published: 12:19, 30 November 2017
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Pokemon GO's in-game maps have been updated and now feature the latest changes added to the OSM data set. The changes first started in Australia and are now affecting the rest of the world. Ho-Oh is still available in Raid Battles worldwide.

is coming from Pokamon GO's general direction. The Pokemon GO in-game maps have reportedly been updated, and now they feature the latest changes added to the Open Street Maps data set. 

Much like Chris Hemsworth's life, it all started in Melbourne, Australia. A number of players from the region reported the map changes, but the reports were initially limited to the continent. 

As it happens, a  popped up on The Silph Road after the news broke. The thread contains reports of an updated map all the way up in Winnipeg, Canada. All claims were soon backed by numerous screenshots showing the before and after photos.

Niantic Pokemon GO Pokemon GO

It wasn't long before a similar occurrence got noticed in other parts of the world, especially in places with high housing concentration. Now swap "a similar occurrence" with "Chris Hemsworth". Ahem. Moreover, it seems that a number of residential areas are no longer visible on the map, following an import of the fresh OSM data set.

A list of areas that have been confirmed affected:



Australia (for a week, at least)

East Asia (general area)

A list of areas that have confirmed they not receive any updates yet:

Croatia (eastern Europe)


East Coast USA


This is, for now, a purely cosmetic change. 

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Following the successful Global Catch Challenge that went down recently, . Including Australia.

Ho-Oh is the final legendary bird to be released in Pokemon GO. It will be available in Raid Battles at Gyms until 12 December.

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