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Pokemon Go's Corsola event nearing the end and fans are not happy

Published: 18:09, 04 July 2018
Updated: 18:11, 04 July 2018
Pokemon Go's legendary bird Pokemon Articuno
Pokemon Go

After the major bugs that happened during the Pokemon Go's Safari zone event in Dortmund, Niantic will make region exclusive Pokemon Corsola available throughout Europe. This made the fans that attended Dortmund's event somewhat furious.

Pokemon Go's Safari Zone event was mix of success and failure for many as they had to face couple of issues during the opening day in Dortmund on 30 June 2018. Niantic apologised to fans by making the region exclusive Pokemon Corsola now available throughout the European continent.

Dortmund's Pokemon Go event was attended by more than 170,000 payers from 30 June to 1 July 2018, as many of them travelled some distance to be able to participate in a event that offered quite a lot of in-game bonuses and unique Pokemon.

Unfortunately, many of them were left disappointed on opening day as there was almost traditional connectivity issue leaving players locked out of the game. That wasn't the only problem as there was also an Insence bug happening during the event.

Niantic managed to fix the bug causing the connectivity problems during the afternoon hours, after which trainers could enjoy boosted exp, increased Pokemon encounters, and a chance to catch Pokemon such as Roselia, Corsola, and Unown.

While the new event might make European fans happy, the increased chance to catch the main attraction of the event Corsola will undermine the rarity of the Pokemon heavily. 

The event's outcome made many fans that took the trip to Dortmund furious, and large number of them shared their opinions on the post that Niantic made to announce the event.

According to Pokemon Go's , the trainers that attended the Safari Zone event managed to complete more than 890,000 research tasks, catching 1.75 million Roselia and making over 17,000 trades during the event.

Niantic Pokemon Go's legendary bird Pokemon Articuno Pokemon Go

In addition to Corsola and Roselia being available, trainers around the world will be able to catch Articuno via Raid Battles on 7th July 2018 which is the official Articuno day.

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