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Niantic's next Pokemon GO Community Day is on 22 September 2018

Published: 11:06, 15 August 2018
Niantic's poster announcing a new Pokemon Go Community Day
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Niantic have revealed the date and time for their next Pokemon GO Community Day and it will happen on 22 September 2018. The star of September's Community Day is Chikorita but the secret move is yet to be disclosed by the company.

As usual, Niantic will be giving out bonuses so as to aid you in your Community Day conquests. We're talking about triple the XP bounty for caches and instead of the standard 30 minute ones, you'll be getting 3-hour lures, just like the last Community Day event.

Strangely enough, the company has yet to reveal the special move you'll be earning, suggesting that they're either undecided themselves, or they're readying a surprise. Most likely the latter, but bear in mind I'm firing in the dark here.

As Community Day events go, you'll be having a pretty short window within which to hunt, so you may want to make every second count on that day. The event officially lasts from 11am to 2pm CET, which you may want to convert to your local time or refer to Niantic's page .

In case you didn't catch the last event, Chikorita is taking up the mantle from Eevee, who starred in the previous Community Day. Even though it's likely to be fun as always, the uptake in Chikorita spawning is probably not as valuable as that of Eevee.

What this means in practice is that you'll have a much easier time hunting, but this will reflect on the end reward as well, which won't be as tasty. Granted, Eevee isn't Hulk either but it is significantly tougher than Chikorita. Her evolution options alone make it a very versatile little bugger but alas, it's time to shift our attention to Chikorita. 

Pokemon Five Squirtles wearing sunglasses and laughing Pokemon's Squirtle Squad

Not that there's anything little in Pokemon GO's financial results, since these little buggers have proven to be leaders in AR gaming tech and one of the most reliable cash cows around. Their cousin Pokemon Quest ain't doing half bad either, having raked in $8 million in a single month since it launched on Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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