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Pokemon GO revenue hits its best month since 2016

Published: 18:43, 24 September 2019
Battle in Pokemon Go
Battle in Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO

Niantic have every reason to be rubbing their hands gleefully, Mr. Burns style, as SuperData's August 2019 report on worldwide digital games market saw Pokemon GO storm to the top of mobile gaming moneymakers with the best month since 2016.

While perhaps not immediately obvious, it's quite the achievement considering the fact that Pokemon GO launched in 2016. This means their best revenue months came when the hype was at its highest, so outdoing themselves three years down the line is really saying something.

Niantic's popular Pokemon-collecting mobile game has generated an impressive $176 million in August 2019, so it's pretty clear that Pokemon GO players have been having fun and feeling pretty generous throughout the month. 

It's well worth noting that Pokemon GO usually enjoys its best months in the summer, what with all the sunshine and weather that just screams at trainers to go out, explore and catch the little buggers, but that, of course, in no way detracts from Niantic's achievement. Needless to say, not many games manage to top their maiden season three years down the line.

SuperData's report attributes Pokemon GO's best month in a while to a "flurry of in-game events" and they're well aware that Niantic went all out on their traditionally busiest time of the year. 

Mobile gaming market's increased spending most certainly helped with this, and it seems that the mobile segment's subdued performance is well and truly behind us. 

"Consumers spent $8.9 billion digitally worldwide in August across console, PC and mobile, up 2% from last year. Mobile, which was the fastest-growing segment, made up 62% of the total compared to 57% last August", they wrote. 

As for the rest of the lot, Fortnite is holding strong on the console front, so the post-mech, tinker-free period is obviously over, and players are showing it with their wallets, and SuperData highlighted World of Warcraft Classic's performance.

SuperData SuperData, August 2019 SuperData, August 2019

Pokemon GO's latest raid event features Altered Giratina and starts on Monday, 23 September 2019 at 1:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM GMT.

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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