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Pokemon GO players and NGOs clean up 145 tons of trash worldwide

Published: 22:49, 06 May 2019
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Niantic have posted official findings from the recent series of Pokemon GO events aimed at cleaning up planet Earth. It turns out that Pokemon GO players helped remove around 145 tons of trash in various countries all over the world.

Niantic organised similar events in 2018 as well and they have expressed their amazement at the number of players who answered the calls to clean up the planet. It wasn't just the regular players though, but Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) also responded which resulted in a massive effort to remove pollution.

Over the course of three weeks the groups and individuals managed to collect 145 tons of trash across 41 countries found on six continents. Around 17,000 players volunteered for a collective total of 41,000 hours which resulted in Niantic partnering up with 46 NGOs. In total, there were 176 events hosted by NGOs and 300 events hosted by players.

Players worked either solo or in groups of up to 2,500 and were helped out by government agencies, volunteer organisations and other community members. 

Each of the NGOs that participated brought something to the table, with Niantic pointing out Orden de Guadalupe who worked with players to clean up around 30 tons of garbage, amounting for just over 20 per cent of the total trash removed.

Not all trash could be removed by hand so some efforts even employed special cranes that was floating in dams and other hard to reach areas. 

Meanwhile, volunteers from the Philippines worked together with Pure Earth organisation to collect trash and make the so-called ecobricks, which are essentially plastic bottles filled with garbage and are used for insulation or wall building.

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It seems like Niantic are nowhere near stopping the cleaning spree since the exposure and benefits of getting a cleaner planet benefit everyone. You can check out the full picture gallery of various people and organisations around the world doing their part during the Pokemon GO events on the .


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