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Pokemon Go: Legendary Ho-Oh available for a limited time

Published: 15:45, 28 November 2017
Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has added Ho-Oh as a Raid Boss. The legendary bird can be found in Gyms worldwide. The six hour lures given as rewards in the Global Catch Challenge will remain active until Friday, 01 December.

Trainers of the world: you have been given a chance to capture the final legendary bird to be released in Pokemon GO. The window of opportunity will slam shut faster than you can say "uh-oh" on 12 December. But hey oh, until then you have a chance to catch Ho-Oh. Ba dum tss. Think about it.

Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh will be available to catch in Raid Battles at Gyms worldwide. The Raid Battles will have you team up with up to 20 other trainers in order to take down a Raid Boss. The Raid Boss here is the legendary Ho-Oh.

Niantic's global event was launched in order to re-engage some old fans with the new content, entice them to go further than they have gone before and to catch more Pokemon.

The goal was to catch 3 billion Pokemon, and the reward initially included Farfetch’d being made available to catch worldwide for 48 hours, as well as trainers in East Asia being able to find and catch Kangashkan during the 48 hour period.

Other bonuses included double stardust and XP rewards, on top of six hour lures. The lures will be active until Friday, 01 December at 9 pm GMT. If, after all this, you are left craving more, a lot more seems to be coming in the form of an announcement or two set to drop in the next few weeks.

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A couple of surprises might be waiting for you around Christmas and New Year. Don't forget there's still a new Gen 3 Pokemon waiting to be released into the wild.

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