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Pokemon GO strolls past 650 million downloads

Published: 09:19, 28 February 2017
Pokemon GO

Chatter coming in from this year's GDC reports Niantic's Pokemon themed ARG has reached 650 million downloads and that Pokemon GO players are well on their way towards Pluto in terms of total waking distance

650 million downloads in an 8 month period are nothing to scoff at but the vague nature of the statistic leaves much to be desired. How many of those are returning users or are those downloads counted for the same device? How many of the downloads translate into active players? How many of those players are actually pouring money into the game?

Such hazy announcements can be forgiven considering that Pikachu's celebrations are ongoing and that Niantic is still actively trying to update and polish their game, with .

UploadVR Pokemon GO: Gen 2 Pokemon UploadVR Pokemon GO: Gen 2 Pokemon

Pokemon GO has hit 500 million downloads in September, which would mean that only 150 million additional downloads occurred in the 6 months since and that we can officially say the hype is pretty much dead.


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