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Niantic announce Pokemon Go Legendary Lunch Hour event

Published: 18:17, 08 March 2019
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Niantic revealed a new event for Pokemon Go named Legendary Lunch Hour which will bring an increased number of raids between 12:00 PM and 01:00 PM. The event is added to encourage players to hunt Pokemon during their lunch breaks.

Niantic are introducing a special event for all Pokemon Go players who can't leave their work or school to catch Pokemon and take advantage of some limited-time events that offer additional bonuses.

If you are one of these players that would rather spend their lunch breaks on catching digital creatures rather than go and grab a bite, you'll be happy to hear that Legendary Lunch Hour has been introduced to reward you with some bonus content during your free hour.

Starting on 13 March 2019, Pokemon Go will offer an increased number of raids between 12:00 PM and 01:00 PM. During the raids, you can earn special items by working together with other players to defeat legendary bosses. However, Niantic didn't mention if they plan to offer free raid passes along with the increased raid spawns.

At the moment, Niantic see the Legendary Lunch Hour as an experimental event. If all goes to plan, and the event turns out to be a success, Niantic may introduce Legendary Lunch Hour as a regular weekly event. "With your help, we hope to make this an event you can enjoy every week," Niantic said.

There you have it, folks, just skip your lunch and go search Legendary bosses with your fellow trainers and Niantic will give you an opportunity to raid every week.

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In other Pokemon Go news, just a couple of days ago, the publisher introduced event which adds Shiny Mankey and Machop. On top of that, will be able to level up Gym Badges, earn Stardust and flaunt their team colours during the event.

As for the Pokemon Go March  event, scheduled to take place on 23 March 2019 and its featured Pokemon will be Trecko who also comes with yet unnancounced, special move.

You can check Niantic's Legendary Lunch Hour announcement .

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