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Pokemon Go celebrates the equinox with grass-type creatures

Published: 16:52, 18 March 2019
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Pokemon Go is celebrating the equinox with a new event that is scheduled for tomorrow - 19 March 2019, 1:00 PM PT. During the event, Grass-type Pokemon like Oddish, Exeggcute, Sunkern and Shroomish will appear more frequently in the wild.

The developer and publisher Niantic have announced that Pokemon Go equinox celebration event is arriving tomorrow 19 March 2019, 1:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM CET. During the event, some of the creatures will appear more often while limited-time Field Research will also be available along with other features.

Pokemon Go players will get to catch grass-type Pokemon like Oddish, Exeggcute, Sunkern, and Shroomish that will appear more frequently in the wild. On top of that, the rare Rock/Psychic-types Lunatone and Solrock will switch regions at the start of the event in celebration of the equinox. 

After the equinox event officially ends on 26 March 2019, 1:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM CET, both Lunatone and Solrock will stay in their new hemispheres, Niantic confirmed.

Additionally, all the Pokemon that are featuring in the event will be available to challenge in raids and a new special limited-time Grass-type Pokemon Field Research will also be included.

Niantic also mentioned that new moves will be permanently added to the game with the upcoming update. You can check the full list of moves below.

  • Acid Spray: Arbok, Victreebel, Tentacruel, Muk, Alolan Muk, Quagsire, Qwilfish, Octillery, and Swalot.
  • Leaf Tornado: Victreebel and Shiftry.

You can read more about the special events and new additions on .

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In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic recently announced a new event series named . The first event took place on 13 March 2019 and it offered increased raid spawn in the time of launch - 12:00 PM and 01:00 PM.

As for the Pokemon Go , Niantic confirmed that the event will take place on 23 March 2019, from 15:00 to 18:00 regardless of which time zone players may be in. It will feature Treecko with new, yet unannounced special moves.

Pokemon Go is available for free on both Android and iOS.

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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