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PlayStation confirm they are working on Twisted Metal series

Published: 08:37, 05 January 2022
Updated: 09:03, 05 January 2022
Sony announced Twisted Metal reboot at CES 2022
Sony announced Twisted Metal reboot at CES 2022

The rumours were legit. The Twisted Metal franchise is coming back, Sony officially announced at CES 2022.

Twisted Metal, the popular vehicular combat title from the PS1 era is coming back. Sony announced the exciting news on their CES 2022 keynote, confirming that a new series is currently in the works.

Sadly, the Japanese publisher did not reveal any additional info about the project, which suggests that the series is still in the early phases of production. 

And while we don't have a lot of official info, we know from earlier rumours that there's also a Twisted Metal game in development at Lucid Games studio, who worked on another vehicular combat title Destruction AllStars, which was released exclusively on PlayStation 5 in February 2021. 

SIE Destruction AllStars promo image Destruction AllStars promo image

And while Destruction AllStars was not received well by players, Lucid Games will have another try at the genre but this time, using a very popular franchise, that many PlayStation fans hold close to heart. 

The details about the game are pretty scarce but it's vehicular combat and Twisted Metal so you probably know what to expect - a lot of explosions, cool weapons and armoured vehicles. 

Lucid Games' Twisted Metal will probably launch as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. If we had to guess the release date, we would say 2024 is probably a realistic scenario.

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