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PlayStation 5 leak reveals eight-core CPU and 24GB of RAM

Published: 11:45, 11 March 2019
Updated: 15:19, 12 March 2019
PlayStation 5 text over a blue background.
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 leak from Beyond3D forum has revealed that Sony's upcoming flagship could feature an eight-core Zen2 CPU, Navi GPU, 20GB of RAM for games with other 4GB for the operating system. On top of that PS5 may come with 2TB HDD.

The current generation of consoles have entered the final phase of their life cycle, and with the new consoles rumoured to release in 2020, many leaks started to appear, revealing the hardware specs and new features.

Previously, leaks suggested that Sony's PlayStation 5 could support resolution up to 8K along with a wireless VR with two 4K displays. The stuff of dreams many would say, but the latest hardware specs leak suggests that PlayStation 5 could indeed introduce both of these features.

The leak surfaced on Beyond3D forum, which is the same place that accurately revealed Wii U's specs prior to its release. 

According to the leak, PlayStation 5 will feature 8-core / 16-thread AMD Zen2 CPU clocked at 3.2GHz and AMD's NAVI GPU with 14.2 teraflops, which is higher than the 13.8 teraflops count in AMD's latest flagship GPU - Radeon VII.

Furthermore, PS5 could have a total of 24GB of RAM, with 20GB GDDR6 reserved for games and 4GB of DDR4 for the operating system. And last but not least, players will get 2TB HDD to store their games.

If the leak turns out to be correct, and Sony release their next console with these specs, it's safe to assume that PlayStation 5 will be one pricey piece of hardware.

However, the specs look great and if we compared them to a high-end PC with similar hardware, we're looking at a 4K 60 FPS capable product. 

Sony PlayStation 4 with a DualShock 4 on top. PlayStation 4

The listed specs are also pretty future proof, especially 24GB of RAM which could suggest that Sony don't have plans for a Pro version.

This is just a guess of course, and nothing is confirmed at the moment, but more details about Sony's new console could be shared at GDC 2019 which is scheduled to run from 18 to 23 March 2019.

Until then, you can check of things we want to see introduced with PlayStation 5.