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PlayStation 4 retiring PS Communities feature as of April 2021

Published: 15:58, 15 March 2021
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It's way to early to speak about PlayStation 4's retirement, but Sony's phasing out of PS4 features means they're slowly paving the way for PlayStation 5 to carry the torch onwards.

The console maker announced on their website that some PlayStation apps, features and services will no longer be available on PlayStation 4, most notably the PlayStation Communities feature.

"Thank you for using the PS Communities feature on your PS4 console. Beginning in April 2021, this feature will no longer be supported or available on your PS4 console. However, you'll still be able to stay connected and enjoy messaging features and more on your PS4 and the PlayStation App", they wrote.

This closely follows Sony's phasing out of PS4 in Japan that was reported in January , and the only model you can currently get there is PlayStation 4 500GB Slim (Jet Black). Interestingly, PS4 Pro production for Japan was halted last year, leaving only the aforementioned SKU.

As we already, though, there's no need to worry if your PlayStation 4 is suddenly outdated because there are games and games to be played until we're at that point. Moreover, Sony made it clear that they'll continue to support it with games, peripherals and other services, but most of the work in the upcoming period will be focused on PlayStation 5. 

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro PlayStation 4 Pro - still worth upgrading to with PS5 on the way?

Of course, the games Sony are referring to are most likely third-party releases, which shouldn't be surprising considering that PlayStation 5 needs all the attention it can get. The demand for Sony's next-gen console is insane, and it took four months to become the fastest-selling hardware platform of all time in the US, which also helps explain why they've had so much trouble with the supply. 

You can find the announcement on PlayStation's website .

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