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PUBG patch changes Vikendi loot cave, adds tactical map markers

Published: 13:24, 15 May 2019
Updated: 14:45, 15 May 2019
pubg screenshot showing a character inside the cave, shooting from assault rifle

A new major patch is now live on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds test servers on PC. In detailed patch notes, the devs detailed a new set of rebalancing for the snowy map Vikendi along with the introduction of new tactical map markers.

Bluehole have released another big update for their battle royale PUBG and this time, the focus was on another round of rebalancing for the game's snowy map Vikendi, including adjustments to item and vehicle spawn rates, blue zone, secret cave and item pool.

According to Bluehole, the main goal of these tweaks is to make Vikendi more attractive to players since the first set of changes back in January. The latest patch was implemented after several tests and player feedback in order to improve the gameplay on the map.

Starting with the blue zone, to support a wider variety of gameplay experiences around Vikendi, the initial safe zone will be placed in different locations and the waiting time between early and late blue zone phases has been slightly decreased. This means that the overall match duration is subsequently reduced by 1 minute and 30 seconds.

As for the vehicles on Vikendi, Bluehole adjusted the spawn rate to facilitate the new blue zone settings - four-wheel drives will now spawn more frequently as their spawn ratio has been increased in relation to Snowbikes and Snowmobiles.

Weapon and item spawn rates have also been adjusted to emphasize medium and long-range engagements. Assault rifle spawn rate has been increased by 1.4x, DMR by 2X and Sniper Rifles by 7x.

SMG, Shotgun and Pistol spawn rates have been decreased slightly while Attachments and high powered scope spawns have received a slight spawn increase.

Secret loot cave, which is no longer much of a secret has received a nerf - Care Packages will no longer spawn in the cave but high-quality, non-crate loot will still be there. The cave will also offer an increased variety of items that spawn there.

Vikendi is also richer for MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumbgrip and Laser Sight but Win94 and R45 have been removed from the item pool.

Another neat addition in the latest patch is the tactical map markers. There are six of them - Attack, Danger, Defend, Loot, Regroup, Vehicle - and they can be placed on the map for easier orientation or communication with your team.

PUBG pubg artwork showing tactical markers on the map PUBG tactical markers

You can find more details about the latest patch on .

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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