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Epic start selling previously Nvidia-exclusive Fortnite skin

Published: 10:50, 05 March 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite's skins showing fully equipped police officers
Fortnite, Reflex skin (left)

Hand in hand with the start of Season 8 of Fortnite, Epic launched the Counter Attack gear in their store, which led to quite the backlash from customers who thought buying an Nvidia card meant Reflex is exclusive to them. But is it really?

Back in December, Nvidia was flogging their Geforce GTX cards with "the exclusive Counterattack (sic) Bundle + 2000 V-bucks included with the GPU". 

Naturally, most users assumed that the Fortnite bundle in question will remain exclusive to them, but now it seems as if they've actually fallen victim to small print.

First of all, even though the bundle continues to sell with Geforce cards, the only time there's a word "exclusive" on there is in a tweet from 11 December 2018. Not even Nvidia's website has any mention of exclusivity.

The Twitter post in question is a bit ambiguous too when you think about it, because while the bundle itself may be a thing that's exclusively sold on Nvidia cards, nowhere does it say that the Reflex skin is.

As you'd expect, that didn't make the aggrieved feel any better, as they're no longer members of the Reflex exclusive club, despite being certain that their investment deserved it.

There are those that were hoping to turn a profit as well, since exclusive Fortnite skins could probably sell for a pretty penny and the less such skins there are - the higher the price they'd get.

Unfortunately, Epic's move threw a wrench into everyone's plans as Reflex now sells for $15 in the Item Shop.

The disgruntled players quickly started making mock twitter announcements of how "the New Galaxy Gear is now in the item shop". Of course, they're talking about the gear that's exclusive to Samsung owners via various Fortnite promotions.

Epic Games Fortnite's Galaxy skin exclusive to Samsung device owners Fortnite's Galaxy skin exclusive to Samsung owners

It would be easy to dismiss the issue as trivial, doubly so in the case of people who were looking to profit on others, but one has to wonder whether gamers now have to learn to navigate the treacherous seas of small print just to get a skin?

You can find Epic's tweet and read all the responses .

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