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PUBG Mobile faces new problems as mouse & keyboard users dominate the game

Published: 18:18, 28 March 2018
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds promotional picture for its mobile version.
PUBG Mobile

There is just something about PUBG and cheating that can't be shaken. While PUBG Corp are fighting a war with the hackers on the game's PC version, PUBG Mobile is facing a different kind of cheating problem - mouse & keyboard configurations

PUBG just can't escape the the cheaters, probably because there aren't nearly enough resources being poured into preventing the cheating. It's better to rush out both the console and mobile ports and grab as much money as possible. This was shown in PUBG latest problem - people are using mobile emulators on their PCs and dominating the game with superior aiming tools.

Now this malpractice isn't the first problem to hit PUBG Mobile, as the game is already employing bots that hardly present any challenge at all. They are reaching the other end of the spectrum at the moment, as mobile players are put at a massive disadvantage as more and more PC users are abusing the mobile version.

Bluehole Spoof image of PUBG installed on a Nokia 3310. PUBG Mobile - Can we also get controls for the old school ''button'' phones?

To add salt to the wound, it appears that setting the emulator up isn't even too much of a hassle. As shown in the video above, Shivaxi literally just opened the game and the emulator mapped all the keys to his keyboard and mouse controls. It even allowed him to click & hold in order to rotate his character in the wardrobe preview.

This isn't the first occurrence of mouse and keyboard being used on a platform other than PC, as it is also possible to use them to play . On the other hand, this was an actual supported feature for Fortnite's PS4 version, in addition to the regular gamepad controls. There is no foul play involved here, as literally anyone can just plug keyboard and mouse into the console. While this might still present a disadvantage for gamepad users, no one is preventing them from plugging a keyboard and a mouse as this is not a bannable offence. As a matter of fact, it's not an offence at all, it's a feature that Epic Games worked on for players' convenience regarding control preference.

AltChar A statue of a man holding his face with a PUBG logo in front PUBG facepalm

Meanwhile, this is obviously not meant to be a way to play PUBG mobile as it's smartphone game, not a stationary-console-at-home game and a game with ''mobile'' in it is most definitely not meant to be played on a PC. On top of it, these controls are not supported by PUBG Corp and require an installation of a third party emulator on your PC. 

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