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Player wants to hire third world labour to grind for gold in RDO

Published: 11:25, 04 December 2018
picture showing arthur morgan in rdr2
Red Dead Redemption 2

One Redditor is considering employing third-world labour to grind gold for him in Red Dead Online. LeRedditArtist asked whether this would be a viable option since he'd rather help some poor kids than hand over his cash to Rockstar.

Just when we thought nothing can surprise us these days, a new gem has surfaced on Reddit. This time it's all about Red Dead Online gold grind, which was criticised by the players since the open beta kicked off. 

Redditor named LeRedditArtist has asked a genuine question about actually employing third-world labour to grind gold for him in Red Dead Online. He says he would rather pay some "poor kids who work in horrific conditions" than give more money to Rockstar just so as to skip the necessary grind.

"If I could pay someone directly to grind, and by what Rockstar are charging, it could be a well-payed job," he said before asking if it would actually work out cheaper to hire someone than to pay what Rockstar demands.

One Redditor even suggested him to look for workers in India, Bolivia and Philipines as they are technical and proficient with English language. Additionally, they have pretty reliable internet connections. 

The fact that players wonder if giving money to other people to do the work would be a cheaper option than buying in-game gold just confirms what everyone was saying about Red Dead Online beta economy - It's utterly broken at the moment.

Players already calculated how much time you would have to play deathmatch and races just to get one gold bar and in the best case scenario - you need more than eight hours. This means that you would have to grind for more than 100 hours just to get yourself a horse.

Rockstar picture showing multiple charachters riding horses in the desert Red Dead Redemption 2

This brings us back to World of Warcraft gold farms when Steve Obannon employed poorly paid Chinese workers to grind for gold and rare items. These were then sold to first-world players who willingly paid stacks of real money for those items.

Hopefully, that won't happen with Red Dead Online as Rockstar confirmed that changes are coming soon. Rewards and pricing will be re-balanced to offer a better experience for the players.

"Our current areas of focus include the in-game economy, which will require some additional balancing in order to ensure all activities are appropriately rewarding and fun", Rockstar said in the Red Dead Online beta status update.

You can find the full update on Rockstar's and if you want to apply for the gold grind job, you can find LeRedditArtist's on Red Dead Redemption subreddit.

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