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Platinum Games working on new IP

Published: 10:45, 22 May 2017
bayonetta screenshot showing female character
bayonetta screenshot showing female character

Platinum Games are leaving Scalebound in the past and focusing on new, as of yet "formless", IP with a new director at the helm. The developer will also try to step away from the annual release schedule.

Bayonetta and Nier: Automata developers, Platinum Games are working on a brand new IP with a mystery director. Studio producer Atsushi Inaba revealed the news during his keynote at the ongoing BitSummit in Kyoto today. He also said that the game is currently "formless" and that there is a new director attached to the project. The latter came as a surprise for many Platinum Games fans.

While the studio is known for working with external directors on their big projects, Inaba chose to withhold the information about their latest collaborator, leaving very little room for speculation on what the latest project will be. In the past, Platinum games worked with Resident Evil 4 and The Evil Within director Shinji Mikami on Vanquish, Nintendo’s Yugo Hayashi took the co-lead for Star Fox Zero, and Drakengard creator Yoko Taro spearheaded the team’s most recent game, Nier: Automata. 

NieR: Automata - 2B (YoRHa) NieR: Automata - 2B (YoRHa)

Additionally, Inaba talked about the studio's endeavour to try and to step away from the annual release schedule, and focus more on longer development periods.

Even if the shift happens, it will take time, as the studio is now confirmed to have three games currently in development: Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link - an RPG based on an anime that will be exclusive for PlayStation 4; Lost Order - a mobile game; and this latest "formless" project.

In January 2017 Microsoft cancelled Scalebound, on which the developer has been working on for a while. Microsoft did, however, just last week, so the project might not be dead after all. If we end up getting a Scalebound game though, it will not have Platinum Games credited as the developer.

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