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NieR: Automata celebrates its anniversary with fan events

Published: 17:13, 09 March 2018
Updated: 22:08, 09 March 2018
NieR: Automata promotional screen with a Happy Birthday card slapped over it.
NieR: Automata first birthday

NieR: Automata is having a party for its first birthday, as announced by the game director, Yoko Taro. Due to a successful year, Taro has expressed his gratitude for players' support and announced a sale as well as upcoming fan events.

Yoko Taro's announcement video starts as he literally jumps in front of the camera with a machine head mask no less, in order to read ''from a paper given by Square Enix Marketing Team''. The game has been enjoying great success since the launch on PS4 and PC in March 2017.

It was critically acclaimed and topped the charts in the first week of its release in Japan, which resulted in sales of over two million copies worldwide by the end of 2017. NieR: Automata was praised for its engrossing storyline combined with fluid hack & slash action in glorious 60 FPS. 

Square Enix Screenshot from NieR: Automata showing its hack and slash action. NieR: Automata

For those who haven't visited the dystopian world of NieR before, this game is set in 11945 AD where human kind are on the brink of extinction after a machine army invaded Earth. Humans had an exodus, moved to the Moon and then sent androids to fight their proxy war. They could chose to make them look like anything they wanted so they opted for the looks of girls in high school uniforms.

Anime high school girls jokes aside, the game's art direction although grim, is beautiful in its own right. The world has been overtaken by machines and the atmosphere fits the setting well. 

Platinum Games Screenshot from NieR: Automata showing one of the androids looking over a wasteland. NieR: Automata

Yoko Taro also mentioned fan events in the video, but as of right now there isn't any info on their ETA or what they will consist of. 

Should anyone decide to hop in and try the anime-high-school-android vs robot action in NieR: Automata, it will be on 50 per cent sale until 14 March 2018. It's available on Steam for £22 or 29,99$ USD. 

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