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X-COM creator's new game Phoenix Point reaches funding goal

Published: 11:14, 02 May 2017
Phoenix Point - Mutated machine guns

Julian Gollop, the creator of the original X-COM, has managed to fund his latest project Phoenix Point with $500.000 on Fig in a few short days. The spiritual successor to the 90's cult classic is now moving towards its first stretch goals.

The 2012 X-COM revival was critically acclaimed and proved that there is still a market for unforgiving Sci-Fi turn-based tactics and strategy games. Good news for all those who thought that the reinvention of X-COM simply wasn't dark and brutally punishing enough.

Snapshot Phoenix Point - Victory is won with the bodies of dead rookies Phoenix Point - Victory is won with the bodies of dead rookies

Julian Gollop the creator of the original 90's cult classic and his new studio , have managed to their spiritual successor project, titled Phoenix Point, with $500.000 via Fig. The fundraising campaign will run until 8 June 2017 - plenty of time to reach some stretch goals. The pledge to Fig funds (investor) make up of the crowdfunded moneyz is split down the middle at this point and the game is estimated to reach $30+ backers at some point in Q4 2018.

Phoenix Point takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where a virus has reduced the surface of the Earth to rubble. Rampant mutated besats have ceased control of the oceans, while the player's faction - known as the Phoenix Project, operates from the sky in an attempt to wrestle back control of the still habitable continental masses from the mutating menace. So, Fallout meets X-COM? Sounds interesting.

Snapshot Phoenix Point - Apocalyptic ride Phoenix Point - Apocalyptic ride

The trailer also promises a combination of vehicular and infantry combat, with a challenging AI and lots of customisation for both your squads and the mutated humans and animals they will be fighting. In addition to combating the Pandora virus, the Phoenix project will be navigating an intricate web of survivor societies from across the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Snapshot Phoenix Point - Do you even mutate? Phoenix Point - Do you even mutate?

The first stretch goals are already posted on the game's and include a floating Phoenix base along with improved vehicle combat.



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