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PES 2020 Data Pack 4 announced, players disappointed

Published: 09:35, 11 February 2020
Luis Suarez in eFootball PES 2020.
eFootball PES 2020

Konami announced they would be dropping eFootball PES 2020 Data Pack 4 in the week of 10 February 2020 but their tweet was not met with positive feedback as players are still hungry for gameplay changes.

PES 2020 is pleasing on the eye but the gameplay is quite the opposite. Therefore, it is no wonder that when Konami announce more eye candy that the players start protesting as they want their game to have satisfying gameplay.

Namely, when Konami announced that Data Pack 4 would be arriving a few days from the reveal, they also mentioned some new faces being added in the meantime to ease the wait. However, the fans were not happy to see more faces being added to the game as they have been asking for gameplay fixes for months now.

Considering that PES 2020's passing is only less intuitive than it is consistent, no one can really blame them. What should be a simple pass between two strikers sometimes randomly ends up being a long pass back to the defence, providing the opposing team with a perfect counter-attack instead. That's not even all of the issues plaguing PES 2020 gameplay but Konami are seemingly ignoring the player requests for the moment.

That said, the developers didn't reveal what is in Data Pack 4.0 yet but fans are speculating it's just more team adjustments and eye candy while they are drowning in gameplay issues.

What's making the matters worse is that many remember the sublime passing game that was present in PES 2020 demo but the full version inexplicably went for degraded gameplay. On top of that, there are the AI opponents who seem to be massive free kick prodigies, regardless of the player skill.

Those two might sound bad even for the onlookers but they are unfortunately not all the issues with PES 2020's gameplay.

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