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eFootball PES 2020 won't renew Inter Milan and AC Milan licenses

Published: 20:10, 07 July 2020
Outside picture of Camp Nou in PES 2020
Camp Nou looks breathtaking in PES 2020.

Konami have posted some sad news for fans of Italian football and it turns out they won't be renewing eFootball PES 2020's licensing contracts with Inter Milan and AC Milan.

The news comes from Konami's website where they posted two statements that are identical except for the club names, although they're not so much as indicative of what led to this. 

"Thank you for playing eFootball PES 2020 and your continued support. Our licensing contract with AC Milan will not be renewed. The representation of the Club will not be affected in eFootball PES 2020", they wrote. 

That said, any MyClub players you've purchased in eFootball PES 2020 will not be affected, i.e. you'll be able to use them just as before. 

Konami thanked the clubs for being strong advocates for the series, and promised they'll be fostering new relationships and strengthening the existing ones. 

The statement that caught our eye, however, is the one that mentions other Konami football games. "In regards to other KONAMI football games, please wait for future announcements for each title", the statement reads. 

While we'd like to think it's about new games, it's more likely that the loss of Inter Milan and AC Milan will extend to eFootball Pes 2020. 

Most players who play PES 2020 know a bit about footbal but if you don't - Inter Milan and AC Milan are footballing giants of Europe, not just Italy, and easily some of the most renowned clubs around. 

PES 2020 mobile PES 2020 mobile

Konami didn't provide the official reason for their non-renewal, which is further made stranger by the fact that Inter and AC Milan are neighbors, even if they don't seem overly neighbourly when on the stands. 

You can find the announcements on the official website .

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