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Mesut Özil removed from PES 2020 Mobile in China

Published: 14:37, 18 December 2019
PES 2020 mobile
PES 2020 mobile

NetEase, the publisher of PES 2020 in China, announced Arsenal player Mesut Özil will be removed from the game following the midfielder's critique of the treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang region. The whole situation is highly reminiscent of Blitzchung and Blizzard.

Mesut Özil recently commented on the situation of Uygur Muslims in China where roughly one million of them are held in according to UN. Meanwhile, mosques in the Xinjiang region are which further testifies something is not right.

As a consequence of speaking about these issues, NetEase decided to entirely erase the player from three Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) games' mobile versions in China, where the company is the publisher. The while Google translation seems to be accurate enough to provide proper insight:

"On the evening of December 13, Beijing time, German player Ozil posted an extreme statement about China on social media. The speech hurt the feelings of Chinese fans and violated the sports spirit of love and peace. We do not understand, accept or forgive this! From now on, the national service version of "Football", "Live: Kings Assembly" and "Live Club" will no longer produce any "Mesut Ozil" player roles and cards. In the future, we will announce the further processing plan of the incident, thank you for your understanding and support. 

——NetEase "Live" Project Team"

Konami is yet to comment on the situation but this seems to be highly reflective of Blizzard, Blitzchung and the Hearthstone champion's support of Hong Kong protests where NetEase quickly to China while the player was stripped of the winnings and banned indefinitely.

The main difference here is that Özil didn't acquire any winnings in China recently so there is nothing to be taken away but it is worth noting that the broadcast of an Arsenal match was scrapped.

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