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PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round winners have been announced

Published: 17:58, 03 April 2018
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Konami have announced the final standings for their PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Congratulations are in order for Jeremy ''TioMiit_PW00 Bruniaux from France who took the first place.

Americas Round was held on 31 March 2018 in Buenos Aires and MTioMiit_PW won the 1v1 crown in a decisive final match, winning 4:0 vs Brazil's Felipe ''Fmestre12'' Forato Pereira, where the players picked Paris Saint Germain for their face-off. MTioMiit_PW will automatically advance to compete in the PES League European Round in May, along with the top seven single-player competitors.

The tournament had eight participants in total, with Alejandro ''Alex Alguaci'' Alguacil and Claudio Henrique ''Henrikynoh0'' Silva Mesquita making it to semi finals. Honorable mentions are going to the remaining tournament participants Cesar ''CeGoLe_'' Gonzales Leon, Ivan Pablo ''MelianTheKing02'' Melian, Aitouzid ''aazbabysk'' Azzdine and Ettore ''Ettorito97'' Giannuzzi.

PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round participant pictures. PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round Participants

French team Neo Esports, consisting of TerribleTank, Kampfer and Lotfi won the co-op bracket of the Americas Round championship, overcoming nine other teams in the process. Their opponents in the finals were the Brazilian team ''topPESBrasil - A Squad''.

Neo Esports picked Jeju United FC while topPESBrasil - A Squad went for Arsenal FC. Neo Esports grabbed a 3:0 lead and at that point it looked like the co-op finals will also be a clean sweep but topPESBrasil - A Squad nearly came back, scoring two late goals and missing a few opportunities for an equaliser. 

Konami PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round co-op participants. PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round co-op participants

PES League is moving to Europe next, with Europe Round happening at an undisclosed date in May 2018. Venue has not been chosen yet either but the are already listed as the standard fees the players are paid in Asia, Americas and Europe Rounds.

It is noteworthy that the rewards listed in the co-op bracket refer to amount of money that will be paid to each player in the team, not a fixed amount for the team itself.

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