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Payday 2 - Silk Road, Crimson Shore brings conclusion to the campaign

Published: 22:12, 11 November 2020
Starbreeze Studio
Payday 2
Payday 2

Starbreeze and Overkill announced the release of Crimson Shore which is the last chapter of the Silk Road campaign as the Payday gang settles the score with a drug lord.

Buruc, a powerful cartel boss has a small army of guards and a fancy mansion but all of that is for naught as he picked a feud with Vlad. As you may well know by now, Vlad has a gang of people that inexplicably heal up their wounds after not taking gunfire for a short period of time, not unlike other protagonists in modern shooter games.

Anyway, the gang will be tasked to infiltrate Buluc's mansion and assassinate him in this finale chapter. Should they get detected, Mexican Federales will arrive on the scene, paving way to another massive gunfight.

Besides the heist, Crimson Shore brings along more weapons, tailor and colour pack which will be available for purchase. The core game update will be free for all owners of Payday 2, including the Infamy system expansion.

Gunslinger Weapon Pack DLC will also be available, featuring a new rifle, shotgun and a revolver with a total of nine mods. Given the looks of these weapons, this DLC is tailored for those who like their holdups being reminiscent of the Wild West.

You can check out all of the additions in action in the trailer below.

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