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Pay Day 2 Silk Road - Family Matters update is now live

Published: 20:20, 30 June 2020
Payday 2 - Breakfast in Tijuana
Payday 2 - Breakfast in Tijuana

Overkill confused pretty much anyone with different names tied to that latest Payday 2 update since one refers to the update itself and the other to the associated heist.

Payday 2's latest update as some rather confusing naming. For example, the update itself is named "Silk Road - Family Matters" but is also addressed as " Family Business " on the Steam Community page. Either way, both monikers refer to the same update that brought some content along.

Now, Breakfast in Tijuana refers to the name of the heist but also some additional content that can be purchase besides the heist. There are two bits of paid DLC that have the same words in their names:

  • Breakfast in Tijuana Heist
  • Breakfast in Tijuana Bundle

The bundle includes the heist along with Fugitive Weapon Pack and Weapon Color Pack 2 DLC. The part about weapon colours is self-explanatory but Fugitive Weapon Pack includes:

  • Holt 9mm Pistol
  • Akimbo Holt 9mm Pistol
  • M60 Light Machine Gun
  • R700 Sniper Rifle
  • A ton of mods for the weapons

Bottom line is that the DLC packs and the heist are sold separately but are also components of the bundle. In case you wish to get them all, it is cheaper to get them in the bundle .

It's all highly confusing but we hope we managed to clear up what's what. You can check out what the heist is about and potentially get minor spoilers as well as patch notes on the announcement page .

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