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Starbreeze restarts Payday 2 development, paid and free DLC incoming

Published: 17:43, 25 October 2019
Starbreeze Studios
Picture of a guy from Payday and Starbreeze logo
Payday and Starbreeze Studios

Starbreeze has been going through quite a difficult time lately and the company has been fighting tooth and nail to stay afloat. Their latest move may be of interest to Payday 2 fans - development will now continue with free and paid DLC.

In a post titled Winds of Change, Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark likened the past year to a "purgatory fire" and if you've been following the situation, you know he's right on the money. They sold Psychonauts, Dead by Daylight and 10 Crown, while Overkill's The Walking Dead earned them cancellation of the game and the IP rights. 

"Last year Payday 2 development was stopped. Having reconsidered our future, I’ve asked the Overkill crew to resume production on Payday 2. The game will have more updates going forward, both paid and free", he wrote.

In fact, the team is already at work on the first new update and we'll soon be treated to a preview. We're talking real soon here, as Nermark left spaces to be updated with URLs. 

This is where things get a bit tricky because Starbreeze is technically breaking the promise of Payday 2 getting free updates forever. Nermark stressed they're not doing it lightly but that the endgame is more content for fans and more support for the company. 

Considering the fact that the game's development was extended several times by popular demand, it's well worth a shot. To make things less confusing going forward, Payday 2: Ultimate Edition, which is a package deal containing all the earlier updates and DLC, will be renamed to Payday 2: Legacy Edition.

Overkill Software Picture of a vault in Payday 2 Payday 2

Additionally, Payday 2 will once again offer the option of purchasing DLC separately. That and the renaming will take place later today, so you'll see the changes when you log onto Steam. 

You can find Nermark's post .

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