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Pathfinder: Kingmaker has sold over one million copies

Published: 13:36, 01 September 2021
Pathfinder Kingmaker promotional cover art with guy shouting over his shield
Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder games are finding a lot of success and the latest milestone is a testament to the love Owlcat Games poured into the series.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker proved to be a major success for the indie dev studio Owlcat Games since it shot them up to the stars even though the game had humble beginnings on Kickstarter. It wasn't for nothing, the game proved to be a fantastic CRPG and endured the test of time for the first few years, crowning the achievement a couple of days before the second Pathfinder game from the same devs launched.

The crown in question is a sales milestone as the game managed to sell over one million copies across all available platforms. Considering the bad reputation Kingmaker has on consoles, it is safe to assume most sales came from PC. After all, that's where the majority of CRPG crowd is and this version of the game proved to be the most enjoyable one.

This also spells good fortune for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous , due for release on September 2, 2021. Preloads were already live at the time of writing and the day one patch was downloaded as the fans anticipate the full release of the next epic adventure that is bound to captivate them for hundreds of hours, literally.

It might also be worth mentioning that two editions on Wrath of the Righteous were in the top 10 Steam sellers on September 1, 2021.

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