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Paragon is spawning successors, thanks to free assets

Published: 08:16, 07 July 2020
Epic Games

Epic Games' attempts at launching a successful MOBA met an untimely end but Paragon still lives on through several successors, thanks to Epic releasing the assets for free.

Fortnite is Epic Games' big golden goose that became insanely successful as a result of entering the battle royale market fairly early, much better support than PUBG had, no entry barrier with the correctly chosen free to play model and so on - the factors are quite numerous.

However, before the grand success with battle royale, Epic tried their hand at MOBA, which was the single most popular genre at the time of Paragon's release. The open beta kicked off in February 2017, meaning it was way too late to compete for the top of the genre's world as League of Legends and Dota 2 held that spot already.

It seems like Epic quickly learned from that experience and jumped into battle royale just as PUBG started explosive growth, dished out a Fortnite Battle Royale, had explosive growth themselves and eventually redirected resources from the MOBA, which was subsequently shut down.

That was not the end of Paragon though as Epic Games released Paragon's assets for free so that Unreal Engine 4 developers could use them. A few years later, we have several iterations of Paragon coming back.

Overprime is available for download and can be played already.

Predecessor announced closed alpha testing for July 10, 2020, which is just a few days away now.

Fault is coming to Steam Early Access on July 17, 2020. This one is kind of ironic since Epic Games Store is currently in fierce competition with Steam and now the company's assets are used to launch a game on Valve's platform.

There is currently no word on CORE, which seemed to be most promising and fans saw it as a spiritual successor to Paragon. 

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