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Paladins gearing up for Tiberius, the Weapons Master and huge update

Published: 18:21, 06 January 2020
Hi-Rez Studios
Paladins character Tiberius, the Weapons Master
Paladins, Tiberius, the Weapons Master

It has been quite a year for Evil Mojo Games but that already seems to be old news for the studio, as they're gearing up for a big week ahead. Tiberius, the Weapons Master, is probably the biggest news, but there are some other big changes too.

The update is called A Tigron's Tale and it goes live on Wednesday, 8 January 2020, and it's pretty clear who the main star of the show is. 

"His is a tale of charm and daring - heroic feats backed by deadly prowess. A traveller of the Realm looking for worthy foes to test his mettle, sharpening his skills and weapons alike. Adored by the people, feared in battle - Tiberius, The Weapons-Master, knows no equal", the dev wrote.

Paladins' new champion has 2,200 health and slots into the damage role. His weapons of choice are Bladed Chakrams, a thrown weapon that bounces up to two times with a 0.7 second refire, and Heavy Blade, which slows down enemies by half for 2 seconds and deals 800 damage in a straight line. 

Note that you'll have to dislodge Tiberius' Heavy Blade from wherever on the map it hits, but there is a Recall ability that will let players recall it God of War style. 

Tiberius' first ability is to crouch back and launch himself forward, while the second ability grants him 4 seconds of 30 per cent higher movement speed and 0.5 seconds refire. His ultimates are as follows:

  • [Ultimate] Blade Dance: Flourish your Heavy Blade and access to use Striking Tigron and Whirling Blades up to 5 times for 15s. All other abilities are disabled during Blade Dance. Can be cancelled after 1s
  • [Ultimate  Primary Fire] Striking TigronInstantly dash forward, passing through all enemies and dealing 750 damage. Can be fired in any direction.
  • [Ultimate  Alt-Fire] Whirling BladesLaunch upward into the air, whirling your blade around you and block all incoming damage. Upon landing, deal 1,000 to all enemies in an area around you.

You can find the full list of Tiberius' skills and cards

Hi-Rez Studios Paladins champion Lian sporting an elven look Paladins, Community Battle Pass

Evil Mojo will also launch the Paladins Community Battle Pass, with four skin designs that came from the community, as well as a bunch of fresh and free content for both free players and those who decide to go for the Battle Pass. Speaking of the Battle Pass, tomorrow is the last day to clean up the Wild West BP, after which it's tiger-time.

Paladins, Hi-Rez Studios' mega popular co-op shooter

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