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Overwatch's Winter Wonderland goes live with new challenges

Published: 02:12, 16 December 2020

Blizzard kicked off Winter Wonderland with the new festive skins as well as challenges that will provide cosmetics at no extra cost.

Overwatch players can look forward to three new challenges during Winter Wonderland 2020, each with a different champion theme that brings along an icon, a spray and an Epic skin.

The first week of the event will feature Elf Junkrat and the deadline to get nine victories in quickplay, competitive or arcade modes is December 22, 2020. 

From that day until December 29, players will be able to participate in the Gingerbread Ana challenge and earn her cosmetics. The final week of Winter Wonderland in Overwatch will feature Frosty Roadhog, possibly the creepiest snowman you will see in a video game this year. You will have until January 5, 2021, to grab the necessary wins.

Besides the challenge skins, we will be able to purchase five new Legendary skins:

  • Conductor Reinhardt
  • Ice Empress Moira
  • Lumberjack Torbjorn
  • Penguin Mei
  • Toybot Zenyatta

These will cost 3,000 Jeff Bucks, commonly known as Credits, but keep in mind that you can get them from themed loot boxes which you will probably earn through Arcade or levelling up by the end of the event. It may be a wise decision to keep the Credits up until just before the event ends to make the purchases.

Meanwhile, there are also three new emotes - Flurry for Mercy, Mistletoe for Baptiste and Unwrap for Junkrat. There are no new highlight intros this year.

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