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Overwatch patch 1.11 is in PTR

Published: 13:52, 04 May 2017

Overwatch patch 1.11 is now in the PTR. Patches usually stay in the PTR for two or three weeks, and after that they are released into the wild on a Tuesday. This patch will probably go live a day before the game's first anniversary.

Overwatch patch 1.11 is in the PTR right now. If you're on a PC, download the test client and get testing. This patch will probably go live on 23 May - one day before the game's anniversary. I'm going to run through some of the changes the patch will make. 

First up, some buffs. Genji can now immediately attack after he climbs a wall. His attack cooldown has been removed. Same thing with Hanzo. Hanzo's Storm Bow now has an increased charge speed (10 percent), and the charged arrows now "maintain their charge after climbing a wall, provided the button is continuously held".

Blizzard Overwatch - Genji Overwatch - Genji

When Reaper uses Wraith Form from now on, his ammo is reloaded: no more dying after using Wraith Form and finding yourself with an empty gun.

Now for the nerfed heroes. Reinhardt's Earthshatter has been reduced, heightwise, from 3 to 2 metres, making it less likely it will climb tall objects. Soldier: 76 has also been nerfed but just a touch. His Heavy Pulse Rifle bullet damage lost one point and is now at 19.

The latest hero to join the bunch, Orisa has received both a nerf and a buff. Her Fusion Driver damage was reduced by 15 percent, but her Protective Barrier's cooldown was lowered from 12 to 8 seconds. 

Blizzard Picture of Orisa helping an old woman across the street Overwatch: Orisa

Custom Game was changed so you can now disable secondary fire and secondary weapons. Another, more specific change was to Symmetra, as you can now disable one of her ultimates while leaving the other active.

The rest of the update is just bug fixes. If you experience some bugs while testing, make sure to report them, but before you do, please check if they are already on the list of the known issues. You can find the full patch notes, as well as all other links, .

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