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Overwatch League to debut Overwatch 2 in 2022

Published: 17:40, 04 September 2021
Updated: 12:30, 01 November 2021
Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2's troubled development appears to be in the last phase before the game is shown, at least in a limited capacity.

Overwatch 2 was rumoured to not be ready before 2023 but now it appears we will see it in 2022 in a limited capacity. Whether this happened due to shot callers' pressure on the developers after the leak or was a plan all along remains uncertain, at least officially. However, given the way OW2 will debut, it's highly likely some pressure to rush the product out was involved.

Namely, Overwatch League will see the first glimpse of OW2 in April 2022. According to the official sources, this will be an early build of the game . In other words, this is not the final product and not what the players will get once it actually releases. On that note, there is no mention of the full release either.

Other rumours claimed OW2 would release before the summer of 2022 so there might be something in it. The same report stated that the existing features were to be locked in, fixed and shipped. In plain terms, the release build of OW2 will not have all the planned features so the months leading up to release might reveal more.

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